Board meetings are held to manage the governance and to guide and support the operations of the Ely Trust.

Each year, community meetings are held to inform and update beneficiaries about key information and to gather feedback.

Due to the coronavirus, there has been a disruption to our planned meeting schedules during 2020.

The directors and management are working towards a revised schedule for the last half of 2020.

Information will be updated here as planning progresses.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Shareholders Meeting: 15-16 September 2020
  • Ely trust AGM: 26-27 November 2020


At the July board meeting the work carried out by the Board and management included:

  • Review and refinement of the criteria for the Business Development and Community Development applications process
  • Commencement of the consultation on the development of the strategic plan
  • Reviewing the allocation of future income
  • Approval of  the budget for 2020/2021
  • An update report regarding investments in the current economic climate
  • Agreement  to proceed with the development of strategies for the application processes for the Business Development and Community Development funds
  • Finalisation of the governance and HR policies.




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